Achieving Business Success through Active Change: Insights from Robert Andolšek

Robert Andolšek, a seasoned mentor and business coach, brings over 30 years of experience in private entrepreneurship to the table. His remarkable journey has been shaped by his values, which he acquired through education and further honed through sports. Together with his wife Mojca, who continues the family tradition of entrepreneurship in an internationally recognized company, Robert has become a passionate problem solver for fellow entrepreneurs. Employing an ethnographic approach methodology, he delves deep into the challenges faced by his clients, tirelessly searching for the most suitable solutions. Let's explore the insights and wisdom that Robert Andolšek shares to achieve business success through active change.

Robert Andolšek's Rich Business Background

Robert Andolšek's entrepreneurial prowess shines through his impressive track record of selling six businesses. Each venture has brought him invaluable experience in various fields, including logistics, trade, insurance, real estate investments, and specialized device sales. However, it is his exceptional communication skills that truly set him apart. Robert effortlessly understands the wishes, needs, and cultures of different parts of the world, enabling him to foster successful partnerships with fast-growing manufacturing and service companies, medium-sized and small businesses, as well as sole proprietorships and family enterprises transitioning from artisan mode to entrepreneurial mode.

Understanding the Entrepreneurial Landscape

Robert Andolšek sheds light on the question of when to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Different periods in history, including varying political situations, have influenced the favorability of entrepreneurship. In Slovenia, stereotypes have often clouded the perception of entrepreneurs since 1945. Unfairly, some assumed that individuals turned to entrepreneurship only after falling out with others in their previous employment. The tone surrounding these conversations was often scornful and demeaning.

However, Robert clarifies that not all stories fit this mold. Entrepreneurs during socialist times needed consent from the communist party to establish themselves as craftsmen, and different rules applied to various sectors. The landscape changed significantly after 1991, with the transition to a market economy. While some businesses thrived, others faced closure due to imbalances in supply and demand. Robert himself began his business during a period of tax reliefs, which provided a significant advantage. He acknowledges the challenges faced by entrepreneurs during their humble beginnings and emphasizes the importance of perseverance.

The Evolution of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in the late 1980s often started with workers engaging in undeclared "afternoon work" while being permanently employed in public companies. These individuals relied on their business sense and provided satisfactory or quality products and services. Craftsmen, in particular, could gradually grow their businesses without requiring significant initial capital. As they completed jobs, they reinvested the profits to acquire additional tools necessary for their solutions.

More complex manufacturing activities were typically initiated by Slovenes who worked in other countries and invested their savings into these ventures. During those times, terms like business vision, goal setting, strategic planning, business plans, and financial plans were not commonly used in entrepreneurial discussions. Instead, the values of hard work, integrity, persistence, and stubbornness held utmost importance.

Although entrepreneurs didn't always share their stories or explain the milestones in their business careers, the natural progression of a company still occurred, albeit at different paces and with varying levels of professional knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, some businesses didn't reach their full potential due to a lack of essential expertise. However, this dynamic landscape continues to evolve, offering opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive.

The Right Time for Entrepreneurship

Robert Andolšek emphasizes that the start of an entrepreneurial journey is not limited by age. Whether a person has a groundbreaking idea at 15 or 99 years old, the key factor is having the necessary knowledge, capital, and abilities to embark on the entrepreneurial path. In the current age of the information revolution, age becomes irrelevant, particularly in the realm of technology where the younger generation's unrestricted creativity and goal-oriented mindset excel.

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Modern entrepreneurship trends prioritize the development of solutions that can be swiftly brought to market. To achieve this goal, entrepreneurs must employ modern tools and methods, which Robert elaborates on later in his book. Ultimately, the success of one's entrepreneurial endeavors lies in their ability to seize opportunities, utilize their talents, and effectively leverage sales tools.


Robert Andolšek's insights and experiences provide valuable guidance for achieving business success through active change. With his wealth of experience in various industries and his empathetic approach to problem-solving, he has become a trusted mentor and coach for entrepreneurs seeking transformative solutions. Through his book, "Naked Sales," he offers practical advice and shares his tested strategies, enabling salespeople to navigate the complexities of their daily lives.

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The entrepreneurial landscape continues to evolve, shaped by historical contexts and the ever-changing demands of the market. Robert's journey and the experiences of pioneers in entrepreneurship demonstrate that hard work, persistence, and a strong business sense are timeless qualities that contribute to success. Regardless of age, individuals can seize opportunities, harness their skills, and utilize effective sales tools to achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations.