Finding Added Value for Your Clients: Strategies from a Successful Business Coach

In the realm of business, one of the crucial factors for success lies in finding added value for your clients. This article explores strategies and insights from Robert Andolšek, a successful business coach, to help you unlock the potential within your own ventures. By incorporating a conversational tone, real-life examples, and a storytelling approach, we aim to provide engaging and easy-to-understand advice.

STRATEGY 1: Sales Pitchers: Crafting Persuasive Messages

Understanding the needs of potential buyers forms the foundation for successful sales in the future. When we purchase something, it's often driven by the desire for happiness. The act of shopping triggers chemical reactions in our brains that are associated with positive emotions. For instance, buying a new piece of clothing elevates our self-image within society. The attention received when someone notices our new attire adds a valuable social element to the experience. This sense of empowerment can be harnessed to become a successful salesperson.

The art of sales involves identifying needs and connecting them with the right individuals who can benefit from your product or solution. Genuine affinity towards people is essential for a salesperson's long-term success. Unfortunately, some salespeople come across as condescending and egocentric, lacking empathy and an understanding of people's needs. Sales, however, is a noble skill and a fundamental aspect of entrepreneurship. It represents the bridge between what a company produces and its sustainable growth and existence, providing livelihoods for its employees and their families.

STRATEGY 2: Unveiling the Egocentric Nature of Business People

Sales, at its core, is a form of assistance. Salespeople should perceive their role as helping individuals rather than merely pursuing profit. Profit is a natural byproduct of genuinely helping customers. When you truly provide a solution that addresses their needs, customers willingly pay for your offerings. It is crucial to recognize when your solution may not benefit a customer and gracefully withdraw from the sale, as long-term benefits stem from building trusting relationships.

STRATEGY 3: Embracing Products and Solutions

A solution is a means of helping people achieve their goals and can be offered as either a service or a product. Solutions often cater to a wide range of needs, including life, technical, or psychological requirements. Salespeople strive to meet these diverse needs, and a product represents a tangible representation of a solution. However, it's important to differentiate between the notions of a solution and a product. The former encompasses a company's broader mission, while the latter refers to the physical manifestation of that solution.

STRATEGY 4: Discovering the Buyer's Perspective

As a salesperson, it's crucial to understand what you truly sell. While it may seem obvious that salespeople sell products, it goes beyond that surface level. Buyers seek solutions to their challenges or problems, and your role is to provide a means of resolving them, either partially or completely. The extent of the buyer's problem should never be underestimated, as you may not fully grasp the magnitude of the challenges they face.

For instance, purchasing a luxury car can serve as a collector's solution, bolster one's ego, or alleviate a sense of inferiority. Such acquisitions are often deemed prestigious and represent a solution to a specific problem.

To delve deeper, let's examine the concept of a product. Within your company, certain components of your solutions may be developed in modules, resulting in the creation of a product. As a salesperson, your focus should always be on identifying the customer's problem and providing a solution. You must seek out the customer's so-called "pain points" that require resolution. Your solution, in this case, becomes the product that is developed using your expertise and know-how.

By understanding the buyer's perspective, you can align your offerings with their needs and position yourself as a trusted problem solver. This approach enhances the value you bring to the table and increases the likelihood of successful sales outcomes.

Conclusion: Unlocking Business Growth with Robert Andolšek

In the realm of business growth, leveraging your unique tools and understanding the needs of your clients are paramount. Robert Andolšek, a seasoned mentor and business coach, offers invaluable strategies for finding added value for your clients. Through his website,, you can access a wealth of knowledge and connect with Robert directly to benefit from his extensive experience.

Remember, sales are about helping people and providing solutions. It requires a genuine liking for others and a deep understanding of their needs. By crafting persuasive sales messages, recognizing the egocentric nature of business people, and embracing products and solutions, you can elevate your sales game and drive business growth.

As you embark on your journey towards business success, consider the insights shared by Robert Andolšek and take advantage of the opportunities to engage with him through his website. Discover the power of leveraging your unique tools and strategies to fuel your growth and thrive in today's competitive business landscape.

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